Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Reflection on Types of Media

This type of media is unique because the internet news is people that knows how to use the computer really well. The internet news is different from the print news because one is in the internet and one is in the paper but with words printed on it.

Monday, April 27, 2009

Introduction to Documentaries

I think that they needed to practice a lot to do this documentary because they needed to make it look realistic. The elements that I noticed was that the boy from Storm he used events about how he got bullied and how he was like the only one being bullied in his school. The part that I thought it was interesting was that how his father did not wanted to go to this place were they talk about kids being bullied and how they could prevent about their child being bullied. If I was able to make this, what I would do different is get back at the kids that bullied me or change to another school and talk about what happened to me with my mother and what I want her to do about this. This response is different from other responses because in this response I put many information about what I think should be done about people being bullied.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Book Club Blog Critique

In my book of "The Diary of Anne Frank", this young girl named Anne Frank is living throughout a hard situation. Anne Frank lived throughout the time of were the Jewish people were tortured by the Nazis. She and her family went into hiding and she faces many bad things in that place called "The Secret Annexe", she faces hunger, boredom, and many cruel situations.
I connect Anne's Frank book to this movie that I saw named "Roots", in that movie there were slaves that did not have the freedom to do nothing. They tortured them a lot and I think that this is not fair for none of them. The characters live are different from one another because Anne Frank is Jewish and the man from "Roots", his name is Kunta Kinte, he is from Africa. I have take my sister diary and she did not like that. So she scream to my mother and I got mad at my mother because I thought that she was always defending her. But then when I grow up I suddenly realized that she like us both the same. In Anne Frank book Anne took her sister book and then her sister got mad and then her sister called for her mother because Anne Frank did not wanted to give it back to her. So Anne Frank thought that her mother was protecting her sister more than her.
The saddest part of the book is when she gets caught by the Nazis and she haded to get separated from her family. I was about to cry because nobody wants to get separated by their good family, that treated them good, I think that this is not fair. I think that this book should be read because the people from now needs to know how Anne Frank lived and how the Jewish people suffered in the time that Anne Frank was alive. I also recommend this book to people from now because I think that you could learn more about how Jewish people went into hiding because of what was happening in the Nazis, and about how much she suffered throughout that time.