Monday, December 22, 2008

"Themes in To Kill a Mockingbird"

Some majors things in to kill a mockingbird is to be respectful, anger,and love. The author reveals respectful because Jem was tearing Ms.Dubose bushes down and Atticus told him that that was wrong from him doing that. The author reveals anger because the reason Jem teared the bushes of Ms. Dubose it was because she was talking bad about his family and he does not like that. The author also reveals love because when Scout aunt tells Atticus that he should not treat her like a baby, but Atticus tells her that she is still her baby and that he is not going to treat her bad. The lesson that I think Jem is going to learn is to be more respectful. I think that Harper Lee the author is going to make us learn is that to be more respectful and more mature.

Monday, December 15, 2008

Test Prep Action Plan

My goals for test prep is to work on a 4 on the test. I am going to work hard on studying every night for I could pass my test with a 4. I am to go over the things that I am having difficult things like taking notes. I am also going to tell my mother to do me a fake test that have all the things that I don't know like vocabulary and she is going to go over the fake test to see what I did wrong and what I did bad. The things that I get wrong I'm going to go over it. The type of questions that are in the ELA Exam are like what is the hard vocabulary meaning and you have to put yourself in the character's shoes (just a saying). I go over them and until I get what they saying I keep on but now I'm going to work on getting what the questions, passages, and Test Books is saying. I am also going to work on the difficult books for then I could work on the difficult books. But some people talks a lot in the class and I am not able to concentrate well.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

To My Parents: What I've Learned so far in ELA.

My biggest accomplishments for this year in ELA so far this year is to be better in Writing and to make my writing persuasive so people could enjoy my writing.
My favorite unit has been on practicing the character unit because you have to put yourself in the character's shoes. We used technology by doing lots of things like politics issues in We also used many different web-sites to do research that we need. Technology helps me learn and improve my reading and writing by helping us do research and many important information that we need to learn.
My goals is to pass the 8th grade and going to a good high school. My other goals is to pass all my classes like Literacy and Math. Reading and Writing are important for the future because when you come up with a letter that it is not yours you going to read it and then it will says that you have to pay the bills then you would have to get out of your house and go somewhere.

Monday, November 24, 2008

Imagine This Readers Response #2

In the story "Imagine This", the woman helped his boyfriend hide a gun because he killed a person. I disagree of her helping him to hide a gun because what about if somebody find that gun and go to the police office and then if they find you, you are going to be in big trouble because you helped the person hide a crime.

The character is really strict because everytime that somebody come saying something bad about her she stand up and speak to her. What made her that way was that she haded difficult times in the past and she came very strict about it.

The girl change throughout the book because she learns about not hiding a crime with somebody that did that crime because then you are going to be involved in that crime. She learns to not be scared of telling the police who commited that crime because then worst things are going to happen to you.

Listening Passage: Mona lisa.

One possible identity of Mona Lisa is that some people think that the Mona Lisa is him himself. For example, according to the article they said that a Dr. Lilian check the Mona Lisa with Leonardo Da Vinchi face in the computer and it looked exactly alike. I think that the Mona Lisa is Leonardo Da vinci mother because they said that the Mona Lisa was a woman from Italy and that was married to a wealthy man, and some mother look like their sons.

Monday, November 17, 2008

Character Unit Intro

Do people ever really change? Use examples from your readings and personal experience to support your answer.

Yes, people do really change because at first some people is a bad person and they change and become a good person. For example, in this movie that I saw, this girl named Helena was a bad girl and she used to bully a lot of kids in her school. She thought that she was popular, and then she killed this little kid named Robert and she felt sorry for him, then she became good but she went to jail and learn her lesson.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Election Reflection

What made this election historic was that Barack Obama is the first person to ever be an African American president. Obama's election means a lot to me because he is going to change the world and many people also think that he is going to make a change and a better world. For example, he is going to fix the war in Iraq because many soldiers are dying in the war. I feel really happy that Barack Obama won this election because I know that he is going to do a better change in the United States of America and he looks like he's a hard working man. In the next four years I think that he is going to do excellent because he is going to change the world. I think that he should take care of economics in this world because the economics is really bad and the second thing that they should do is take care of the war.

Friday, October 31, 2008

"Ghost Stories"- Angelina Alvarez

It all started when I was talking with my mother about how happy I was to bee in thee best college on the world. I kissed her goodbye kiss and I left to the college. I was a rich girl that lived in the biggest mansion near Virginia. I was a very popular girl in my college every time I went to college the people from my school opened the door for me to pass. I used to go out with this tennage boy named Eduardo. This boy named Alex always followed me wherever I go. Well let me tell you what happened, I was walking in a Friday morning through the park and I looked at Alex. He came to me and told me if I wasn't his girl he would kill me. Then he grabbed me and put a knife through my stomach, blood was coming through my mouth and then I stand up and felt nothing. That's when I saw my body lying on the floor. I got up and went to see my parents at home and saw them crying when they heard about my death. I was walking to school to see if I see my boyfriend but instead I saw Alex laughing with a bunch of friends in the school. I went over to him and I try to hurt him but I just couldn't I was just a ghost. The next day in the news I was in the newspaper and they find out that they put Alex in jail because of my murderer crime. I went back to my parents house to tell them one more time goodbye because I was really dying now. I went and then went back to the cementery were I was supposed to be.

Friday, October 17, 2008

Readers Response 3

Title: Camp Confidential TTYL (talk to you later)
Author: Mellisa J. Morgan
Pages Read: 70

I really like my book so far because these four girl Natalie, Alex, Grace, and Jenna. All of these four girls they just got out of camp and all four of them is gonna start school again. They really miss all of their friends from camp so they came up to put a blog for they could talk to them. So everyday they log in the computer and check out what other people posted and then they could talk with them back.
It all started with Natalie, it was her first time in the United States and she was starting a new year in her school and she is really nervous. Natalie is happy too at the same time because she is gonna see her best friend Hannah, then Hannah comes to Natalie house and they going to hang out together. Both of them like to walk in Central Park so they went their to walk.
I could connect my life to Natalie because she always a little nervous when she starts a new year. I also feel happy when I see my best friends. This helps me understand the story better because I have gone to similar experiences so every time I think about my life, I think about the story. I also could get in the character shoes and I could think that I'm the character at the same time.
This book reminds me of the time that I was in 5th grade because I used to have a lot of friends and all of them had a lot of problems and I used to give them some advice and then they felt better for it.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

'Raft: This land is your land'

How does the information in the box "A day in the life (of me!)" help the reader understand the article?

The information in the box help the reader understand the article because it gives details about the daily tasks of living of the land. For example, she tells the hour of her tasks like when she wakes up is at 6:30 and when she goes to sleep is at 9:30 or at 10:00

'Raft: This Land Is Your Land'

How does the information in the box "A Day In the Life (of me!)" help the reader understand the article?

I think that the information on the box helps understand the story helps me or the reader understand the story because It gives details about the daily tasks of living off the land. For example, it says the hours like everything she does have in hour like when she gets up is at 6:30 and the time she goes to bed is at 9:30 or at 10:00. She also describes every daily task which helps the reader to understand more the article.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Readers Response 1

Title: Aliens ate my Homework
Author: Bruce Coville's
pages read: I finish the book in one day
I thought that my book was interesting because the author of Aliens ate my Homework makes me laugh. What happened was that this boy was in his room and then aliens came in his room and told the boy that they was here to take away a boy that it is not exactly a boy he's an alien and that boy squishes bugs and bullies the main character. I could text this book to the world because there is people that bullies other kids and then they don''t get away with it. I could also text-to-self because, one day I was in my school in second grade a third grade kid came and pushed me. So I remembered that my teacher said if we fight we don't get prizes. So then I went
to the main office and told the principal what happened and then he went to the girl and called her mother and then she got in trouble. I also felt glad that I did not fight, and solve the problem by telling the principal.
I could connect myself to the character because in my book the character is curious and I am also curious like him. My character is intelligent with everything he does, I am also intelligent for everything I do . This helps me to understand more the story well because the character in the book is just like me and I get to understand everything that he does. This books reminds me of Ramona Forever because in Ramona Forever she talks about how annoying some people are and on the book I'm reading he thinks that the aliens are annoying as well. What makes these two books different is that Ramona Forever she talks about her life and in Aliens ate my Homework. This book reminds me of the class of science class because the aliens comes from a planet and in science class you learn about many planets. A character that I like the least was Grakker the alien because he almost and hardly did nothing in the book, for me he was boring he did not had action or nothing in the book.
In one sentence of my book the boy says that being a 2-inch creature is fun. I disagree because I imagine myself being a 2-inch creature and maybe you could get squish like an ant, you could get in a lot of trouble. I thought that the end of the book satisfied me because at the end it was a happy ending was a happy ending and at the end they got rid off the bad alien and put that alien in the alien's cell. I could connect this to to the world because people that break the rules on the streets get put in jail just like in my book. At the middle of the book I predicted that the boy was going to betrayed them and told his friend because in that book this boy never could lie about nothing and the teacher asked him what happened with his science project Homework he said that the aliens ate his homework and nobody believed him. I predicted that the aliens was going to do something bad to him. My prediction came true because that was when I read that the Aliens ate my Homework and that Grakker the alien did a hole through his ears and it look like if he did an ear pear. I also thought that the title didn't fit with the story because the book doesn't only talks about the aliens eating his homework. Mostly, the book talks about how the aliens came in a mission that they needed to take this bad alien back where they came from which was Mars. If I could titled this book I will put "When the Aliens came to visit."

Readers Response 1

Title: Aliens ate my Homework
Author: Bruce Coville's

I thought that my book was interesting because the author of Aliens ate my homework makes me laugh and he is a very funny character and he write this book to entertain people. I could text-to-world because there are many people that sometimes something strange happens to them and then nobody believes them. I really liked this book because is really entertaining I like how the main character speak in the book. He is a really funny guy that's why I like him the most in the book.