Monday, November 24, 2008

Imagine This Readers Response #2

In the story "Imagine This", the woman helped his boyfriend hide a gun because he killed a person. I disagree of her helping him to hide a gun because what about if somebody find that gun and go to the police office and then if they find you, you are going to be in big trouble because you helped the person hide a crime.

The character is really strict because everytime that somebody come saying something bad about her she stand up and speak to her. What made her that way was that she haded difficult times in the past and she came very strict about it.

The girl change throughout the book because she learns about not hiding a crime with somebody that did that crime because then you are going to be involved in that crime. She learns to not be scared of telling the police who commited that crime because then worst things are going to happen to you.

Listening Passage: Mona lisa.

One possible identity of Mona Lisa is that some people think that the Mona Lisa is him himself. For example, according to the article they said that a Dr. Lilian check the Mona Lisa with Leonardo Da Vinchi face in the computer and it looked exactly alike. I think that the Mona Lisa is Leonardo Da vinci mother because they said that the Mona Lisa was a woman from Italy and that was married to a wealthy man, and some mother look like their sons.

Monday, November 17, 2008

Character Unit Intro

Do people ever really change? Use examples from your readings and personal experience to support your answer.

Yes, people do really change because at first some people is a bad person and they change and become a good person. For example, in this movie that I saw, this girl named Helena was a bad girl and she used to bully a lot of kids in her school. She thought that she was popular, and then she killed this little kid named Robert and she felt sorry for him, then she became good but she went to jail and learn her lesson.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Election Reflection

What made this election historic was that Barack Obama is the first person to ever be an African American president. Obama's election means a lot to me because he is going to change the world and many people also think that he is going to make a change and a better world. For example, he is going to fix the war in Iraq because many soldiers are dying in the war. I feel really happy that Barack Obama won this election because I know that he is going to do a better change in the United States of America and he looks like he's a hard working man. In the next four years I think that he is going to do excellent because he is going to change the world. I think that he should take care of economics in this world because the economics is really bad and the second thing that they should do is take care of the war.