Friday, May 8, 2009

Thesis Of My Document

The social issue that I am addressing is is recycling. I think that people should recycle because if we recycle then the world is going to be a better place and also the world would look cleaner and it is going to prevent Global Warming and that is important for the Earth. If Global Warming gets to occur then I think the people that are living in this world are going to die.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Social Issue: Recycling

I think that people over the world should recycle. If we recycle the world is going to be a cleaner and better world. Also if we recycle we could save the world from Global Warming. I learned that if we recycle we could help build a better environment and a better community. I would use this in my documentary by interviewing many people about what they think about recycling and I also going to take pictures of people who don't recycle and people who does recycle.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Reflection on Types of Media

This type of media is unique because the internet news is people that knows how to use the computer really well. The internet news is different from the print news because one is in the internet and one is in the paper but with words printed on it.

Monday, April 27, 2009

Introduction to Documentaries

I think that they needed to practice a lot to do this documentary because they needed to make it look realistic. The elements that I noticed was that the boy from Storm he used events about how he got bullied and how he was like the only one being bullied in his school. The part that I thought it was interesting was that how his father did not wanted to go to this place were they talk about kids being bullied and how they could prevent about their child being bullied. If I was able to make this, what I would do different is get back at the kids that bullied me or change to another school and talk about what happened to me with my mother and what I want her to do about this. This response is different from other responses because in this response I put many information about what I think should be done about people being bullied.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Book Club Blog Critique

In my book of "The Diary of Anne Frank", this young girl named Anne Frank is living throughout a hard situation. Anne Frank lived throughout the time of were the Jewish people were tortured by the Nazis. She and her family went into hiding and she faces many bad things in that place called "The Secret Annexe", she faces hunger, boredom, and many cruel situations.
I connect Anne's Frank book to this movie that I saw named "Roots", in that movie there were slaves that did not have the freedom to do nothing. They tortured them a lot and I think that this is not fair for none of them. The characters live are different from one another because Anne Frank is Jewish and the man from "Roots", his name is Kunta Kinte, he is from Africa. I have take my sister diary and she did not like that. So she scream to my mother and I got mad at my mother because I thought that she was always defending her. But then when I grow up I suddenly realized that she like us both the same. In Anne Frank book Anne took her sister book and then her sister got mad and then her sister called for her mother because Anne Frank did not wanted to give it back to her. So Anne Frank thought that her mother was protecting her sister more than her.
The saddest part of the book is when she gets caught by the Nazis and she haded to get separated from her family. I was about to cry because nobody wants to get separated by their good family, that treated them good, I think that this is not fair. I think that this book should be read because the people from now needs to know how Anne Frank lived and how the Jewish people suffered in the time that Anne Frank was alive. I also recommend this book to people from now because I think that you could learn more about how Jewish people went into hiding because of what was happening in the Nazis, and about how much she suffered throughout that time.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Introduction to my short story

Melissa waked up in the middle of the night surrounded by the deep blue sky thinking about that place called The Haunted Shadow. The place that everyone is talking about. They said that it is so cool and fun over there. Melissa decided to tell her mother to do a big mansion in that place called The Haunted Shadow, she thought that if she did the biggest mansion in The Haunted Shadow will respect them and say Hi to them everyday they walk out their biggest mansion. So she headed downstairs and said "Mother, were are you". "I'm right here Melissa". Her mother said. Melissa started telling her that she wanted to a mansion in The Haunted Shadow. Her mother immediately said no. Melissa told her mother that she hated her and that she haded a lot of money to make another mansion. Melissa ran upstairs crying and she wrote on her diary that she hated her mother and that she haded a lot of money for buying the mansion in The Haunted Shadow.
Melissa was so disappointed that she could not go to that place that people said that it was supposed to be fun. Melissa went outside to get some fresh air because she did not want to stay in her house. When she came back she saw her mother eyes darkened black tears were coming out of her eyes because of the makeup she wears. Melissa sat next to her and asked her what was wrong. Her mother told her that she went in Melissa's room and that she saw that Melissa's diary was open. Melissa got mad at her for a second because she did not like people reading her diary. But she immediately understand that she was crying because of the bad things she wrote on her diary of her mother. Melissa hugged her mother and told her that she was sorry and Melissa's eyes darkened and she felt tears running all over her cheeks. When she did not expect it her mother said that she wanted to make a mansion in The Haunted Shadow. Melissa started jumping up and down because she was so happy that they were going to go to that place that people said that it was fun and cool. But they were going on the summer.Melissa ran upstairs with joy. Suddenly, she heard footsteps in her room. She opened the door and nobody was there.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Book Club Novel Characters

The people that I know is the immigrant because right now they living almost the things like the Jewish because they weren't allowed in no place and the immigrants are not allowed in the United States Of America. This is almost similar like the Jewish people. My neighbor used to be a immigrant and then she got her papers and then she is not an immigrant no more.The character lives are different from the people from the story because first my neighbor is Mexican and she used to be an immigrant and this makes it different because they are Jewish and they did not have a lot of right like the Mexican do have now. At least Mexicans that are immigrants could go shop and come to their house at whatever time they want as long as they are in Mexico because if immigrants are in the United States Of America then they would be almost scare that they would get caught because if the police catch the immigrants then they would send them to jail and even send them back to were they belong.