Thursday, March 26, 2009

Introduction to my short story

Melissa waked up in the middle of the night surrounded by the deep blue sky thinking about that place called The Haunted Shadow. The place that everyone is talking about. They said that it is so cool and fun over there. Melissa decided to tell her mother to do a big mansion in that place called The Haunted Shadow, she thought that if she did the biggest mansion in The Haunted Shadow will respect them and say Hi to them everyday they walk out their biggest mansion. So she headed downstairs and said "Mother, were are you". "I'm right here Melissa". Her mother said. Melissa started telling her that she wanted to a mansion in The Haunted Shadow. Her mother immediately said no. Melissa told her mother that she hated her and that she haded a lot of money to make another mansion. Melissa ran upstairs crying and she wrote on her diary that she hated her mother and that she haded a lot of money for buying the mansion in The Haunted Shadow.
Melissa was so disappointed that she could not go to that place that people said that it was supposed to be fun. Melissa went outside to get some fresh air because she did not want to stay in her house. When she came back she saw her mother eyes darkened black tears were coming out of her eyes because of the makeup she wears. Melissa sat next to her and asked her what was wrong. Her mother told her that she went in Melissa's room and that she saw that Melissa's diary was open. Melissa got mad at her for a second because she did not like people reading her diary. But she immediately understand that she was crying because of the bad things she wrote on her diary of her mother. Melissa hugged her mother and told her that she was sorry and Melissa's eyes darkened and she felt tears running all over her cheeks. When she did not expect it her mother said that she wanted to make a mansion in The Haunted Shadow. Melissa started jumping up and down because she was so happy that they were going to go to that place that people said that it was fun and cool. But they were going on the summer.Melissa ran upstairs with joy. Suddenly, she heard footsteps in her room. She opened the door and nobody was there.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Book Club Novel Characters

The people that I know is the immigrant because right now they living almost the things like the Jewish because they weren't allowed in no place and the immigrants are not allowed in the United States Of America. This is almost similar like the Jewish people. My neighbor used to be a immigrant and then she got her papers and then she is not an immigrant no more.The character lives are different from the people from the story because first my neighbor is Mexican and she used to be an immigrant and this makes it different because they are Jewish and they did not have a lot of right like the Mexican do have now. At least Mexicans that are immigrants could go shop and come to their house at whatever time they want as long as they are in Mexico because if immigrants are in the United States Of America then they would be almost scare that they would get caught because if the police catch the immigrants then they would send them to jail and even send them back to were they belong.

Friday, March 13, 2009

Anne Frank Book Club Response

I could connect this book to one of my cousin because she has a diary and there she writes a lot of things that happens to her. Also she is like Anne Frank because they are both teenage girls and both of them do what they want to do and get in trouble with their parents. I could text-to-world because many people like doing a lot of things that their parents do not approves and then they get in trouble and there is popular people like Anne Frank that writes down about their whole entire life and the bad things and good things that happens to them. I disagree with Anne Frank because she does not listens to what her mother says and then something really bad could happen to her because she did not listened to her parents. Some parents knows what is good for their children. I would listen to my parents because I know that they are just trying to protect me and to help me. Anne Frank is a popular girl and she is a bad girl as well because she does not listen to their parents but she is good too though. But I really liked this book because it talks about a young girl and she writes in this diary about her whole life and also she writes almost every single thing that happens to her.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Alice Walker

Alice Walker started writing in between the 1960s. Three major event that took place during the time period was the civil war, the war at Vietnam, and the year that Abraham Lincoln was murdered. This time period influenced their poetry because many things were happening. For example, so many wars that some people got depressed. I think that the background has influenced their poetry because she uses the color purple and the color purple for me is depressing and she also wrote many poems that were depressing. If I had the opportunity to have a conversation with Alice Walker the poet I would ask her why does she write many depressing poems and why did she put her background purple.