Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Book Club Novel Characters

The people that I know is the immigrant because right now they living almost the things like the Jewish because they weren't allowed in no place and the immigrants are not allowed in the United States Of America. This is almost similar like the Jewish people. My neighbor used to be a immigrant and then she got her papers and then she is not an immigrant no more.The character lives are different from the people from the story because first my neighbor is Mexican and she used to be an immigrant and this makes it different because they are Jewish and they did not have a lot of right like the Mexican do have now. At least Mexicans that are immigrants could go shop and come to their house at whatever time they want as long as they are in Mexico because if immigrants are in the United States Of America then they would be almost scare that they would get caught because if the police catch the immigrants then they would send them to jail and even send them back to were they belong.

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