Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Election Reflection

What made this election historic was that Barack Obama is the first person to ever be an African American president. Obama's election means a lot to me because he is going to change the world and many people also think that he is going to make a change and a better world. For example, he is going to fix the war in Iraq because many soldiers are dying in the war. I feel really happy that Barack Obama won this election because I know that he is going to do a better change in the United States of America and he looks like he's a hard working man. In the next four years I think that he is going to do excellent because he is going to change the world. I think that he should take care of economics in this world because the economics is really bad and the second thing that they should do is take care of the war.


Yudelmys said...

You have a really great reflection but i am sure you could've add some punctuations and commas, ect. But don't worry because you really have a high level reflection.but fix mistake and i suggest you double check your work i have those kind of probelms(nice work!)

Jason Levy said...

Hi Anais,

It is interesting that you write about the changes that Obama is going to make, because one of the key campaign slogans they used was "Change we Need." And in his speech he told people "Change has come to America."

Now will come the hard part. Getting change to come about is difficult!

Keep Blogging!

-Mr. Levy