Friday, October 31, 2008

"Ghost Stories"- Angelina Alvarez

It all started when I was talking with my mother about how happy I was to bee in thee best college on the world. I kissed her goodbye kiss and I left to the college. I was a rich girl that lived in the biggest mansion near Virginia. I was a very popular girl in my college every time I went to college the people from my school opened the door for me to pass. I used to go out with this tennage boy named Eduardo. This boy named Alex always followed me wherever I go. Well let me tell you what happened, I was walking in a Friday morning through the park and I looked at Alex. He came to me and told me if I wasn't his girl he would kill me. Then he grabbed me and put a knife through my stomach, blood was coming through my mouth and then I stand up and felt nothing. That's when I saw my body lying on the floor. I got up and went to see my parents at home and saw them crying when they heard about my death. I was walking to school to see if I see my boyfriend but instead I saw Alex laughing with a bunch of friends in the school. I went over to him and I try to hurt him but I just couldn't I was just a ghost. The next day in the news I was in the newspaper and they find out that they put Alex in jail because of my murderer crime. I went back to my parents house to tell them one more time goodbye because I was really dying now. I went and then went back to the cementery were I was supposed to be.

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