Monday, December 15, 2008

Test Prep Action Plan

My goals for test prep is to work on a 4 on the test. I am going to work hard on studying every night for I could pass my test with a 4. I am to go over the things that I am having difficult things like taking notes. I am also going to tell my mother to do me a fake test that have all the things that I don't know like vocabulary and she is going to go over the fake test to see what I did wrong and what I did bad. The things that I get wrong I'm going to go over it. The type of questions that are in the ELA Exam are like what is the hard vocabulary meaning and you have to put yourself in the character's shoes (just a saying). I go over them and until I get what they saying I keep on but now I'm going to work on getting what the questions, passages, and Test Books is saying. I am also going to work on the difficult books for then I could work on the difficult books. But some people talks a lot in the class and I am not able to concentrate well.

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