Thursday, December 11, 2008

To My Parents: What I've Learned so far in ELA.

My biggest accomplishments for this year in ELA so far this year is to be better in Writing and to make my writing persuasive so people could enjoy my writing.
My favorite unit has been on practicing the character unit because you have to put yourself in the character's shoes. We used technology by doing lots of things like politics issues in We also used many different web-sites to do research that we need. Technology helps me learn and improve my reading and writing by helping us do research and many important information that we need to learn.
My goals is to pass the 8th grade and going to a good high school. My other goals is to pass all my classes like Literacy and Math. Reading and Writing are important for the future because when you come up with a letter that it is not yours you going to read it and then it will says that you have to pay the bills then you would have to get out of your house and go somewhere.

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