Monday, February 2, 2009

Poetry Response

    • The inference that I could make about this poem is that this man was a slave and that he was a Negro from when black people were slaves. The word that best describes that the poet is feeling is sad because if you were in the situation that he was in then you won't feel really happy about being a slave. Also he is feeling sad because the people that haded slaves are treating him like if he is not a human being because they even cut his hands off.
      The meaning of the poem is that this slave was a black man that suffered too many things including that they cut his hands off in the Congo and also they haded racism in the time that he live in. I connect this to a movie that I saw that there was this slave that was black and they treated him like he is not a person like us. They cut his feet because he tried to run away and he tried to escape many times because he did not wanted to live in this place that people treated him really bad.

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