Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Readers Response 5

Title: Romeo and Juliet
Author: Shakespeare

In the book Romeo and Juliet it is about how this girl named Juliet and this boy named Romeo could not be together. The parents of both Romeo and Juliet hated each other. It was then that Romeo went to the party of Juliet's family. Then Romeo and Juliet met each other and then they fall in love. But then Juliet and Romeo found out that they was enemies and their families hated each other. But they loved each other. So then Juliet's cousin killed Romeo's cousin. Then Romeo was so mad that he killed Juliet's cousin and then the cops was on him. The next day they send him far away from Juliet's family. When Juliet find out that he was far away from Romeo then she asked the father from the church to give her something for they could think that she is dead and then suddenly Romeo's friend saw Juliet and thought that she was really dead. So then he went running to Romeo and told him that Juliet was dead. Romeo got so scared that he went to where Juliet was and saw her there sleeping but he thought she was dead and then he took a poison and then he drank it and then Juliet waked up and she touchhed him but it was too late and he turned around and smiled and then died. So that's when Juliet started crying and took a gun and killed herself and that's hoow the story ended.

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