Friday, March 13, 2009

Anne Frank Book Club Response

I could connect this book to one of my cousin because she has a diary and there she writes a lot of things that happens to her. Also she is like Anne Frank because they are both teenage girls and both of them do what they want to do and get in trouble with their parents. I could text-to-world because many people like doing a lot of things that their parents do not approves and then they get in trouble and there is popular people like Anne Frank that writes down about their whole entire life and the bad things and good things that happens to them. I disagree with Anne Frank because she does not listens to what her mother says and then something really bad could happen to her because she did not listened to her parents. Some parents knows what is good for their children. I would listen to my parents because I know that they are just trying to protect me and to help me. Anne Frank is a popular girl and she is a bad girl as well because she does not listen to their parents but she is good too though. But I really liked this book because it talks about a young girl and she writes in this diary about her whole life and also she writes almost every single thing that happens to her.

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