Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Readers Response 1

Title: Aliens ate my Homework
Author: Bruce Coville's
pages read: I finish the book in one day
I thought that my book was interesting because the author of Aliens ate my Homework makes me laugh. What happened was that this boy was in his room and then aliens came in his room and told the boy that they was here to take away a boy that it is not exactly a boy he's an alien and that boy squishes bugs and bullies the main character. I could text this book to the world because there is people that bullies other kids and then they don''t get away with it. I could also text-to-self because, one day I was in my school in second grade a third grade kid came and pushed me. So I remembered that my teacher said if we fight we don't get prizes. So then I went
to the main office and told the principal what happened and then he went to the girl and called her mother and then she got in trouble. I also felt glad that I did not fight, and solve the problem by telling the principal.
I could connect myself to the character because in my book the character is curious and I am also curious like him. My character is intelligent with everything he does, I am also intelligent for everything I do . This helps me to understand more the story well because the character in the book is just like me and I get to understand everything that he does. This books reminds me of Ramona Forever because in Ramona Forever she talks about how annoying some people are and on the book I'm reading he thinks that the aliens are annoying as well. What makes these two books different is that Ramona Forever she talks about her life and in Aliens ate my Homework. This book reminds me of the class of science class because the aliens comes from a planet and in science class you learn about many planets. A character that I like the least was Grakker the alien because he almost and hardly did nothing in the book, for me he was boring he did not had action or nothing in the book.
In one sentence of my book the boy says that being a 2-inch creature is fun. I disagree because I imagine myself being a 2-inch creature and maybe you could get squish like an ant, you could get in a lot of trouble. I thought that the end of the book satisfied me because at the end it was a happy ending was a happy ending and at the end they got rid off the bad alien and put that alien in the alien's cell. I could connect this to to the world because people that break the rules on the streets get put in jail just like in my book. At the middle of the book I predicted that the boy was going to betrayed them and told his friend because in that book this boy never could lie about nothing and the teacher asked him what happened with his science project Homework he said that the aliens ate his homework and nobody believed him. I predicted that the aliens was going to do something bad to him. My prediction came true because that was when I read that the Aliens ate my Homework and that Grakker the alien did a hole through his ears and it look like if he did an ear pear. I also thought that the title didn't fit with the story because the book doesn't only talks about the aliens eating his homework. Mostly, the book talks about how the aliens came in a mission that they needed to take this bad alien back where they came from which was Mars. If I could titled this book I will put "When the Aliens came to visit."

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