Friday, October 17, 2008

Readers Response 3

Title: Camp Confidential TTYL (talk to you later)
Author: Mellisa J. Morgan
Pages Read: 70

I really like my book so far because these four girl Natalie, Alex, Grace, and Jenna. All of these four girls they just got out of camp and all four of them is gonna start school again. They really miss all of their friends from camp so they came up to put a blog for they could talk to them. So everyday they log in the computer and check out what other people posted and then they could talk with them back.
It all started with Natalie, it was her first time in the United States and she was starting a new year in her school and she is really nervous. Natalie is happy too at the same time because she is gonna see her best friend Hannah, then Hannah comes to Natalie house and they going to hang out together. Both of them like to walk in Central Park so they went their to walk.
I could connect my life to Natalie because she always a little nervous when she starts a new year. I also feel happy when I see my best friends. This helps me understand the story better because I have gone to similar experiences so every time I think about my life, I think about the story. I also could get in the character shoes and I could think that I'm the character at the same time.
This book reminds me of the time that I was in 5th grade because I used to have a lot of friends and all of them had a lot of problems and I used to give them some advice and then they felt better for it.

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